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Sunstate’s Bryan Baker Reduces Nonprofit’s Phone Costs by 30%

Creative Solution for IT Managed Services Budget Issue

When an organization is in need of a creative solution to a tough IT Managed Services budget issue, Sunstate’s Bryan Baker is always up to the challenge.

Bryan’s willingness to “dig in” paid off in a big way for a mental health nonprofit with locations in Phoenix and Flagstaff that desperately needed full IT help desk support for over 20 employees.

During the discovery process, it was determined that the nonprofit lacked sufficient budget for the critical IT Managed Services support they needed. However, rather than turn them away, Bryan offered to help them find a way.

With a strong background in telecom sales and support, Bryan believed there was a good chance this stretched-thin nonprofit could benefit from some telephone contract renegotiations. If successful, this would enable them to cut costs and redirect those savings from phone bills to get the IT support they sorely needed.

Once granted permission to examine their telephone bills, Bryan determined that the client was indeed paying for services they didn’t need. He was then given authority to act as the nonprofit’s representative so he could renegotiate the terms of their contracts with two vendors.

Bryan’s tenacity resulted in a whopping 30% reduction in monthly telephone-related costs.

The money Bryan helped the client save was then re-allocated to the IT budget, enabling Sunstate to begin providing help desk support for all employees at the nonprofit without the need for any additional spending.

Sunstate is all about finding ways for our clients to get the IT support they need to run their organization,” says Bryan. “When budgets are tight, we’ll jump right in and help them find and/or redirect funds so that they can move forward with more support and greater peace of mind.”

P.S. There’s a little more to the story… once the existing phone contracts are up, the nonprofit will be able to take advantage of Sunstate’s VoIP phone solution which will further reduce monthly costs and provide added functionality at both its locations!

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