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Business Computer Rental Program – Pros and Cons

Business Computer Rental Program - Pros and Cons - Sunstate Technology Group

Pros and Cons of Business Computer Rentals

For a small-to-medium sized business, opting for computer rental program (also known as Hardware-as-a-Service) vs. buying business hardware is a big decision. Businesses require up-to-date, secure and reliable IT equipment to compete in the marketplace, but the cost of modern technology can be daunting.

Choosing a hardware or computer rental program is a great way to free up precious capital that would be required for an up-front purchase of laptops and other office equipment, and many businesses go this route for this reason alone. However, there are other pros and cons to consider before making the leap.

Pros of Office Equipment Rentals

Hardware rentals offer several benefits to businesses:

Simple monthly payments

No large up-front outlays of cash and a fixed monthly computer rental cost (including maintenance and upkeep) make it easy for businesses to budget for technology expenses.

Business tax write-off

Another reason to lean towards computer rentals in the “lease vs. buy business hardware” debate is that technology is no longer considered a capital expense, which is deducted over several years. With a rental program, it becomes an operating expense and often results in a 100% annual tax write-off.

Dedicated IT Support Team – 24/7

When you choose business computer rentals through an MSP (Managed Services Provider), you gain the support of a team of dedicated IT professionals who take care of monitoring and regular maintenance of your hardware and software, allowing you to stay focused on your business.

Regular computer replacement

A hardware leasing program enables businesses to take advantage of the newest technology on a regular basis, rather than replacing broken or obsolete computers on a piecemeal basis.

Updated software

Your hardware isn’t the only thing that stays up-to-date when you rent office equipment. Regular operating system updates performed by the MSP ensure your network runs securely and smoothly.


Hardware-as-a-Service programs are inherently flexible and scalable, so as a business grows or changes, its technology can grow or change with it.


When you choose to rent from an MSP, your hardware is warrantied through the life of the lease, so you’ll never have to worry about a faulty monitor or bad USB port.

Cons of Office Equipment Rentals


All MSPs are not the same

Just as with any business partner or vendor prospect, it’s important to do your homework before signing a contract with an MSP.

  • Are the technicians certified and experienced?
  • Is the MSP willing to provide a comprehensive assessment of your existing IT hardware before recommending a leasing package?
  • What level of support will they provide?
  • Are they offering the latest all-in-one computers, or home-built traditional desktop computers?

While a HaaS program is an economical choice for many businesses, cost should not be the only factor in the decision. A less expensive MSP can, sadly, create more problems than they solve, like frequent outages and downtime, spotty support, compliance issues and gaps in security.

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