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Sunstate’s Dustin Byars Goes the Extra Mile for Public Safety Client

Public Safety

One night, Dustin Byars, Sunstate’s Head of MSP/Client Operations, took an urgent call from a public safety client whose dispatch team was having trouble connecting to its electronic patient care reporting (ePCR) software. This meant the client was in danger of non-compliance with regulations governing incident and pre-hospital patient care records. Getting connectivity restored immediately was critical.

The problem:

After running diagnostics, Dustin was able to determine that the issue was with the software, not the client’s network, and the software vendor’s assistance was required. The problem was amplified because the connection from dispatch to the ePCR software went down on a Friday night at 7PM, when the software vendor was closed. (Unlike Sunstate, they didn’t offer 24/7 on-call support.)

Dustin’s solution:

Instead of waiting for the vendor’s customer service to re-open on Monday, Dustin scoured their website and called every phone number he could find until someone answered. After speaking with a representative at the software company, Dustin then sent a follow-up email detailing the problem and set himself an alarm to continue to follow-up via email every four hours, around the clock, until the issue was resolved.

The outcome:

By early Sunday, thanks to Dustin’s diligence and persistence, the vendor agreed to fix the problem. Working remotely with the vendor and fellow Sunstate techs, Dustin was able to resolve the issue and the client was back in action.

In Dustin’s words:

“When you work with Sunstate, we refuse to leave you hanging. Sure, we could have told our client that they’d have to wait until the vendor re-opened on Monday, but we understand that connectivity was critical for our client. Our company culture doesn’t allow for ‘passing the buck’ when a critical issue arises. We spring into action and push until we get a resolution.”

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