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Managed IT Services:

Support, Security & Savings
for Cities & Muncipalities

Cities and municipalities provide critical services for the communities they serve, from police and fire/EMS to public utilities and parks and recreation (and many functions in between). For this reason, it’s just as critical that their IT systems are efficient, reliable and secure—day in and day out.

Sunstate proudly serves many cities and municipalities throughout Arizona, and our seasoned technology team supports them in many ways, including:

Software Support and Maintenance

We have expertise in supporting and maintaining a wide range of government-specific software platforms:

Caselle Government Accounting Software

Polaris Library Software

Arizona Criminal Justice Information System (ACJIS) Certified

Spillman Public Safety Software

Rims Law Enforcement Records Management System

PolicePro Law Enforcement Software

Data Security & Automatic Backup Services

With data security a top priority in today’s digital world, we ensure our city and municipality clients have secure, reliable networks, proper “permissions” protocols and automatic backup to protect critical and confidential data.

Data security and automatic backups are vital for protecting against catastrophic events, such as a fire or flood, or a hacker placing a malicious virus on the network. Even common issues like servers crashing, coffee spilling on a laptop, or a phone or tablet getting lost or stolen need not bring operations to a halt.

Our solutions minimize downtime, enabling team members to stay productive and efficient. Even more, we relieve internal staff from the hassle of managing backups and disaster recovery protocols so the team can stay focused on day-to-day operations.

Budget-Friendly Streamlined Billing & Vendor Contract Renegotiations

Cities and municipalities benefit from our simplified billing that consolidates IT services into one streamlined package.

Even more, we regularly work to renegotiate data and communications contracts with vendors, saving our clients additional money each month and freeing up budgets to replace outdated and unsupported hardware.

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