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Microsoft Teams: What is it? And why should I care?

Microsoft Teams is like a digital version of an open office space, where your organization’s employees can chat via text or video, collaborate on documents, schedule meetings (and more)…all on one platform.

The best part: it’s already included in Microsoft 365 subscriptions!

What can I do in Microsoft Teams?

For starters, there’s video conferencing, just like Zoom or Skype. In fact, you can instantly change from group chat to video conference with the touch of a button with a group ranging from 2 to 10,000. (Check out “Together Mode,” where everyone sits in a shared background.)

There’s also file storage, document collaboration and built-in integration with dozens of common business applications.

Teams helps to reduce inbox clutter by eliminating the need for countless emails. It also allows you to archive all conversations and files, so you never lose any important information.

You can even make internal and external calls using Microsoft Teams Phone, Operator Connect, or Direct Routing.

Who can use Teams?

If your organization has a Microsoft 365 subscription, anyone within the company can use Teams. Even better: your team can invite guests (vendors, clients, prospects) to Teams meetings as well.

What about security?

Teams meets regulatory compliance, legal, and organizational needs across all industries.  Meetings are secure and offer admin controls that help prevent interruptions, set attendee privileges, remove disruptive team members, and block anonymous guests from joining.

My organization already uses Skype for Business. Do we need Teams?

Yes! Skype for Business will be officially retired by Microsoft on July 31, 2021. Teams is now the primary platform for meetings and calls in Microsoft 365.

If you need help with the transition from Skype to Teams, give us a call! We offer Teams training free to all clients.


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