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Stop a Network Failure Before it Happens


Network Failure

In our connected world, network health is critical to the overall health of any company. A network failure can stop a business in its tracks; however, with proactive planning, you can help ensure both stay up and running.

Keep the Power On

Power outages happen, but they don’t have to shut you down. Have a backup power plan that includes a battery backup solution and connect redundant devices to separate power circuits so that if one goes down, it doesn’t shut down service entirely.

Don’t Neglect Your Devices

Devices can fail, especially if routine maintenance isn’t being performed. Apply patches as needed to keep hardware up to date and reduce the risk of failure. It’s also a good idea to keep redundant devices that perform critical operations, just in case. With redundancy, if one fails it won’t impact the entire network.

Out with the Old (Hardware)

Even well-maintained hardware has an expiration date. Once it’s unsupported and obsolete, a device can actually become a threat to the health of your network. Plan ahead for upgrades and replace out-of-date equipment. A Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) plan with your MSP will prevent hardware from dying of old age.

Stay on Top of Security

A security breach or unauthorized traffic can shut down a network, fast. Double-check your security measures, and consider a firewall to prevent a network failure.

Get an Assessment

When was the last time your MSP assessed your network? If it’s been a while, or if you’ve expanded or added locations, there’s a good chance your network is underperforming, or at risk. A network assessment should evaluate office locations, servers, data, backups, firewalls, users, devices, applications, and anything else that pertains to your network. If you’ve got plans for future growth, a proactive assessment and network design will ensure your network grows with your business.


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