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5 Reasons to Find a Strong IT Partner for Your Business

Consider IT Managed Services

There’s no doubt about it.  The IT infrastructure of your business is a critical component to success.  IT seriously impacts productivity and security as well as the flow of day to day communications. Whether you run a small enterprise or large organization, your day-to-day operations rely on an increasingly complicated network of servers, laptops, mobile devices and cloud-based applications… all of which must remain updated, patched and monitored to run efficiently and prevent hacking or accidental data loss.

Having the right IT partner supporting your business is a cost-effective way to ensure your network, hardware, software and peripherals all operate smoothly and securely.

Here are 5 major benefits:

Network Security
Everything connected to a network, whether it be a server, mobile device, laptop, desktop or other component, provides a potential access point for hackers to gain entry and steal critical data. There is no room for a “fingers crossed” approach to protecting your systems.  Having the right IT firm takes all of the worry out of network security by ensuring you’re protected from ever-evolving attacks.

Significant Savings
An IT firm also handles all of the monitoring, updating and security of your IT systems for a simple, fixed monthly rate that’s often a fraction of the cost of hiring internal IT staff. By using an IT firm, you will gain the advantages of highly-trained IT professionals without having to pay the high salaries they command when brought in-house.

All Hands on Deck
Working with an IT firm gives you access to an entire team of highly skilled, certified IT professionals when you need them — something that comes in handy when dealing with a complex or critical issue or project.   The big benefit of having multiple techs at your service, each with a wealth of knowledge, is greater peace of mind when it comes to dealing with tech challenges.

Routine Maintenance
A dirty little secret that many companies share in common is that their hardware or software only gets updated when something breaks. (If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…right?) The problem with this approach is that it costs a business far more in lost productivity when the network goes down than it does to invest the time and resources needed to proactively maintain it. The smarter strategy is to ensure everything stays up to date and secure all of the time by having the right IT firm in place.

Data Loss Prevention
Loss of information due to system failure, fire or natural disaster, physical damage, or ransomware can have serious consequences for any business. With an IT firm in place, your systems are backed up regularly and lost data can be quickly and easily restored. A good IT disaster recovery protocol helps keep downtime to a minimum.

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