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Microsoft Teams vs. Google Workspace: Which Is Better?

Microsoft Teams and Google Workspace are the two biggest platforms for business productivity and collaboration. If you’re a business owner or manager, how can you tell which one is best for your business? While both offer critical features like business email, shared calendars, messaging and video conferencing, the best solution for you might depend on what you’re using now. We’ll share some helpful tips below.

Does your team currently use Microsoft Office desktop apps?

If the answer is yes, your team members will likely feel more comfortable with Teams. Teams allows businesses to continue using Office desktop apps or their web-based counterparts. Google Workspace, on the other hand, is cloud- and browser-based. Your team members will have to adapt to using Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc. to collaborate.

Another reason to go with Teams if you’re already using Office applications is the issue of compatibility with Google’s platforms. Anyone who has tried to upload a Word document into Docs (and download again into Word) knows the frustration of formatting issues.

However, if your team is already familiar with and using Google Drive, Docs and Sheets successfully, then this won’t be an obstacle.

Are you looking for a customized plan for your business?

If you’re ok with more of a “one size fits all” pricing structure, Google Workspace makes it easy to choose from one of four plans. Microsoft Teams offers more options to suit businesses of all sizes, plus educational institutions, government agencies and nonprofits.

Is it easy to use Microsoft Teams?

Absolutely! When Sunstate made the switch to Teams, we found it to be very well organized and easy to learn. Teams’ user-friendly design makes it simple to see what’s going on at all times. We’ve found it helps us all keep our conversations and projects more organized (and with less effort).

Bonus: since the switch, many team members have said they feel more connected…which is important in a business with multiple locations across two states.

How to get Microsoft Teams for your business:

Teams is already part of Microsoft 365, so if your business has 365 you can begin using Teams right away! If you’re not yet on Microsoft 365, Sunstate’s expert tech team can help you migrate your organization…AND we can help train your team to use Teams. Just give us a call!

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