Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing?

In simple business terms, Cloud Computing is a way to access the data or applications you need, without having to buy and maintain the hardware or software to support it. Great examples of Cloud Computing that most people are familiar with are online e-mail hosting, such as Yahoo! or Gmail, and online movie providers like Netflix. Users no longer have to buy or rent a physical DVD or even have a DVD player. They simply stream a movie directly to their television, computer, or smart phone from anywhere that Internet access is available. With Cloud Computing, users only consume what they need and don’t have to worry about the infrastructure it takes to make it work. Cloud Computing has been in existence for over a decade and, in the business setting, has mainly been used by large enterprises as a solution to answer certain pieces of their technology infrastructure, such as e-mail and data backups.

Why Cloud?

Cloud enables you to free your business from traditional IT constraints. You no longer need to own and maintain servers, upgrade Office, or deal with downtime and poor performance. Cloud enables you to leverage super secure military grade datacenters to house your entire network. Our Cloud clients can access all of their e-mail, apps, and data from any device, wherever they are in the world.

  • 24/7 access from any device
  • Keep your old desktops, even use dumb terminals
  • No more servers to manage
  • Instant scalability, lower IT expenses

Whether you’re about to replace old server equipment, need to improve performance reliability, or need better access to your network when outside of the office, we can help you implement a Cloud solution that works. Contact us today to learn how STG can help save your company money and frustration by taking your services to the cloud!