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CCTV Camera & Door Access Control Systems

The security of your business is more than just locking up the door at the end of the night and setting your alarm.

Sunstate Technology Group knows that your business needs additional security solutions like door access control and CCTV camera systems to provide more comprehensive protection. We’re ready to provide the professional assistance you need to take the next steps in keeping your business safe and secure. Learn more about the security system solutions we offer below!

Door Access
Control Systems

Sunstate’s door access control systems provide your business with a secure, scalable and affordable solution to determine who has access to a facility and when that access is allowed.

There is an inherent risk associated with handing out keys that can be copied, lost or stolen. A door access control system is a great solution for companies that need an additional layer of security with the ability to better control access to the workplace.

Additionally, companies that experience a high turnover rate or companies that allow access to customers outside of business hours are also well-suited for a door access control system.

Contact us to schedule a free business security assessment and see how we can help your business!

CCTV Camera Systems

The safety of your employees, customers, facilities, and inventory is a chief concern for most businesses. We offer cost-effective CCTV camera systems that provide protection from burglaries, fraud, vandalism, fire and more. Our CCTV camera system also offers business owners peace of mind that their company is monitored at all times.

CCTV camera systems can also help provide clear video evidence in the event of a workplace dispute or injury.

Video monitoring is a great asset for legal entities, law enforcement and others who may be involved in resolving a workplace incident.

Video surveillance also allows for safe entry and exit of your facility. A good system will also help to keep people from entering restricted or off-limits areas.

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