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Business VoIP Phone Service

On-Premise or Hosted Phone Options

Replace your old school phone company along with their pricey bill when you switch to a phone system built specifically for modern business communication:
Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP.

Not only is VoIP call quality superior to traditional phone services, VoIP is far more cost-effective and offers a wide variety of business-friendly features to enhance your company’s productivity. In short, it’s a must-have for any company in the 21st century.

Choosing a reliable IT partner is a big decision for your business. Find out why businesses have trusted Sunstate to manage their technology for over 15 years.

VoIP Benefits

Not all VoIP solutions are created equal.

See the benefits that we bring to the table. This will help you to make the right decision when it comes to choosing a VoIP provider.

Eliminate Phone Wiring

VoIP solutions can be installed directly on your company’s computers. This allows you to eliminate phone wiring to help simplify and declutter your workspace.

Connect Many Locations

If you have multiple branch offices or locations, you can easily connect the phone systems between branches. This helps your employees make calls faster, easier and for free.

Maximum Flexibility

Our VoIP solutions are based on the open Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) standard which allows users to add a variety of features without adding additional hardware or expenses.

Easy to Use

Employees often struggle with using advanced phone systems and taking advantage of their additional features. With Sunstate Technology Group’s VoIP solutions, all features are intuitive and easy to access from a user-friendly Windows interface.

Simple Scalability

Traditional phone systems are easy to outgrow. Adding more phone lines or extensions often requires a lot of time and expensive hardware modules. With Sunstate’s VoIP solutions, a standard computer can be used to easily manage a large number of phone lines and extensions. Adding a new phone to your network is very easy.

kramer media

VoIP Success Story

Our customized VoIP solution allowed newspaper publisher Kramer Media to streamline operations, cut telecom costs and gain much-needed functionality.

VoIP Features

Easily program speed dial buttons for quick connections to commonly called numbers.

Send your calls immediately to voicemail or another extension.

Setup a hunt group within the company that makes distributing phone calls to the correct recipient easy.

Instead of just dead air, while your customer is on hold they enjoy soothing music.

Put a call on hold at one extension and pick it up at another extension.

Receive multiple calls on the same line. This allows for overflow management.

Single-tree auto attendant is your digital receptionist the allow callers to direct
themselves to correct extension or department.

Have your calls forwarded to another number. This is great for answering services.

Easily conference with two other people.

Send callers to a queue so that they can be answered by the next available representative.

Block specific phone numbers.

Never miss a message with easy-to-use, integrated voicemail.

Name and number for inbound and outbound.

Transfer some or all of your calls to another phone at the office or to any other phone number you choose.

Control your features and the program buttons on your phone through an easy-to-use portal.

Ability to see if another person’s line is currently in use within your business group.

When a call comes in, you can have it ring multiple places at the same time.

Free long distance on all calls between phones and 500 minutes per seat for all other long-distance calls outside of the country.

Automatically have your voicemails sent to your email address.

Dial your co-workers at their extension whether they are down the hall or across the country.

Allows your callers to find you at the office, mobile, home, or anywhere you designate.



No internet? No problem. Poor internet? Still no problem.

We have a solution for that, too—with multiple failover options to ensure you stay connected.

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