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Automatic Backup & Disaster Recovery

In today’s rapidly advancing digital world, it’s not a question of if you will lose your data— it’s just a matter of when.

Sunstate Technology Group’s automatic backup and disaster recovery solutions use your existing internet connection to regularly send your data— in an encrypted and compressed format—off-site to our secure data centers. This ensures that your data is safe, secure, and easily accessible.

Stay ahead of cybercrime, data backups, failing equipment, and more.

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It doesn’t matter if it’s a catastrophic event, such as a fire or a malicious virus on your network, or a more common issue like a server crash, coffee spill, or laptop being left behind in a taxi. You can rest assured that your data is not lost.

Automatic backups and disaster recovery ensure that critical data can be recovered quickly.

This minimizes downtime and keeps your business running without any interruption. Additionally, we relieve the burden of managing your backups and disaster recovery protocols to give you better reliability, reduced risk and more time to focus on your business.

Automatic Backup vs. Disaster Recovery

What’s the difference?

Automatic backups essentially replicate your files off-site to our secure data centers. With disaster recovery, your entire system is fully mirrored.

Both automatic backup and disaster recovery are now fundamental components of a properly structured business IT solution and essential to smart information management. At Sunstate Technology Group, we will customize these solutions to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Additional Benefits

More Peace of Mind
We’re proud to say that our data centers meet the most rigorous security and regulatory compliance requirements, including SOX, PCI, CIPA, HIPAA, and others.

Quick, Easy Restore
Restoring your files is simple and can be done quickly anytime, anywhere!

Automatic & Cost Effective
Cloud backups cost a lot less than managing your own backup as they are fully automated. No need to waste time and resources making discs or updating drives to keep off-site.

You’re in Control
You can set the frequency of backups to suit your requirements, from ‘constant’ to ‘daily’. Email notification follows every backup, keeping you in the loop and giving you complete control of the process.

Complete Privacy
Your encrypted backups can only be accessed using your own password.

More Versions
You can choose to restore files under different headings: ‘yesterday’, ‘last week’, ‘three months’ and so on.

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