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Business Internet & Wide Area Network Solutions

Tired of slow internet speeds holding you back?

What about having too many internet outages to be productive?

If you’re looking for a business internet network solution that can meet your escalating business’ capacity needs, the experts at Sunstate Technology Group can solve your problems.

Our team can also provide you help with point-to-point and point-to-multipoint Wide Area Network (WAN) design.

Sunstate offers specialized tools paired with a vast knowledge of the latest internet and networking technologies to provide you with in-depth analysis of your business’ needs. We will help you by creating a network solution that helps you to excel.

Business Internet Service

Our business internet solutions provide a greater uptime so that everyone can stay working harder, longer and more often. Our products are capable of handling large data transmissions, streaming webinars and simple emails… all at the same time.

Sunstate’s business internet solutions will not only keep you happy, they will exceed your expectations.

Dedicated Internet/Data Solutions

Sunstate will provide your business with a dedicated business internet circuit.

This gives all of your users a 1:1 connection ratio that guarantees full delivery of all your data. Your company will have access to Gold Plus Internet Access delivered across our superior carrier grade network. Our network has been built with ring topography ensuring 99.99% service uptime, so you will be able to work worry-free.

Data Transport

We’ll provide you with a dedicated circuit provisioned to transport your crucial data across our extensive hardened carrier grade network to a single point or multiple points (LAN or WAN).

Check Out Our Security Bundle

Sunstate Technology Group provides you more protection and greater peace of mind at a surprisingly affordable price when you combine our essential products into one simple bundle.

Learn more about why you should choose Sunstate for your business technology needs.

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