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SIP Trunks Services

Session Initiation Protocol trunks (often referred to as SIP trunks) are telephone line trunks delivered over internet protocol. SIP trunks are used by VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) providers to connect one or more channels to your company’s PBX (private branch exchange).

SIP trunks are relevant to any size business in any industry because of how easy they are to configure. They are also less expensive to install, maintain, and upgrade. This provides your business with a quick and significant return on your investment.

The Benefits of SIP Trunks

Cheaper Calls

Thanks to the growing number of SIP trunk providers, competition has driven down call charges substantially.

Big Savings on Installation

The cost of having multiple phone lines installed at your office drops significantly.

Superior Voice Clarity

A fully digital medium means your calls will be crystal clear.

Improved Customer Service

With the ability to add more geographical and international numbers, you can make it easier (and cheaper) for customers to contact you.

Moving Offices? Keep Your Number

SIP trunks are not bound to a location, so you won’t need to change numbers or pay to forward your existing numbers in the event of you moving locations.


Easily add channels to your SIP trunk to keep up with increased call volume. This means no more waiting to have additional lines installed and then being forced to upgrade your old PBX to handle more lines!

Sunstate Technology Group are specialists in SIP Trunking, Managed SIP Trunking (mSIP), multi-site applications, hosted voice, hosted contact centers, and customized voice solutions.

We guarantee that we’ll be able to find the right solution for your business.

If you need to connect your voice services to the cloud, we have the solutions for that as well.

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