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Our Managed IT Services

As your IT partner, we see ourselves as an extension of your team.

Sunstate Technology Group strives to provide proactive technology strategies that help prevent problems before they happen. If a problem does arise, our team will fix any issues quickly and effectively.

As a part of our managed IT services, we are constantly providing our clients with IT efficiency analysis.

Your business’ IT should increase efficiency, boost productivity, and reduce overhead. Overcome the IT challenges your business faces!

Get started today with a free, no-obligation technology assessment!

Our systems are working around the clock to provide monitoring and preventive maintenance over your computer and phone systems. This ensures that everything is secure and running smoothly.

Desktop, Laptop, & Mobile Device Management

It’s important that your employees have access to everything they need to do their jobs at a high level.

This is one of the top IT challenges that any business faces in our newly digitized world. Functioning desktop and laptop computers, as well as mobile devices, give your employees the access to the tools that support your business’ success.

As your managed IT services provider, our proactive maintenance, comprehensive virus and malware protection, and responsive help desk will take care of any technical problems that arise so your employees can focus on their job.

Server Management

Servers are the hub of any IT system.

They must operate at 100 percent efficiency day in and day out. Many businesses may not realize how much we actually rely on them. When a problem does arise, your business can come to a standstill. That is why it is critical to be proactive when it comes to server management.

Your business will have a distinct advantage with Sunstate managed IT services.

Our proactive monitoring, patching, and maintenance will give you the peace of mind that your servers are up and running smoothly. Our systems give you the assurance that your data is secure, stable, and accessible.

Network Management

Network components, such as routers, firewalls, and switches are the IT foundation for your business. To avoid problems, network components must be continually managed and maintained.

Preventive support saves you time and money by optimizing your network’s performance and minimizing risk. When you do need us, we provide prompt responses and outstanding customer service.

3 ways we can manage your IT services.

One size does not fit all. That’s why we are flexible and can support your IT needs regardless of whether you need hardware, 24/7 IT monitoring, or simply supplemental support.

Managed IT Service Number 1


Working capital has never been more critical than it is now.
Yet the need for computer hardware, the right software, and
attentive IT support continues to grow. How do you keep up?

That’s where Hardware-as-a-Service comes into play.

We can provide your team with a complete end-to-end IT ecosystem—servers, desktops, notebooks, infrastructure components, licensing—as well as attentive, unlimited IT support.

All in one manageable monthly payment with no large up-front costs.

In fact, by choosing Hardware-as-a-Service and having Sunstate manage your IT services, your technology is an annual tax write-off, as it’s now considered an operating expense instead of a capital cost.

Here are the benefits of Hardware-as-a-Service:

   Increased available working capital

   In many cases, 100% tax write-off every year (no depreciation)

   Professional IT team dedicated to your business

   Continually refreshed network, server and user hardware

   24/7 IT monitoring

  Regularly updated and patched software

  Expert installation and configuration of new systems

  Replacement of any faulty computer hardware (4-year warranty)

  Complete virus protection

Managed IT Service Number 2

24/7 IT Monitoring (No hardware provided)

As your IT partner, we will make your business our
priority through proactive planning and being responsive
in troubleshooting any tech issues.

Managed IT Service Number 3

Supplemental IT Services & Projects

Take the pressure off your internal IT team and get more
done. We bring more tech support without more overhead.

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