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What is Hardware as a Service?

Hardware as a Service, also known as HaaS, enables businesses to acquire the essential technology (workstations, laptops, servers, phones, etc.) they need for daily operations without a large upfront investment.

Smaller businesses and startups often find budgeting for IT equipment to be one of their biggest challenges.

With a Hardware as a Service program, a Managed Services Provider supplies the IT equipment for a fixed monthly fee, making it much easier for budget planning. HaaS programs are both flexible and scalable, making them ideal for growing companies.

Benefits of HaaS for Businesses

Fixed monthly payments

24/7 IT monitoring

IT equipment is replaced more often

No substantial upfront investment in IT HARDWARE / equipment

Frees up capital for other business investments

Managed Services Provider maintains equipment

Considered an operating expense (vs. capital expense); up to 100% tax deductible

Helps prevent technical issues and vulnerabilities associated with outdated equipment

Stay ahead of cybercrime, data backups, failing equipment, and more.

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Why Choose Hardware as a Service With Sunstate?

Sunstate provides your team with a complete end-to-end IT ecosystem—servers, desktops, laptops, infrastructure components, licensing—as well as attentive, unlimited IT support.

All in one manageable monthly payment with no large up-front costs.

Even more, by choosing HaaS and having Sunstate manage your IT services, you’ll have a seasoned IT team dedicated to your business, starting with expert installation and configuration of new systems. After your equipment is up and running, we provide 24/7 IT monitoring, regular updates and patches, virus protection, and standard warranty coverage for manufacturer defects.

Sunstate’s Hardware As A Service (HaaS) Programs

Hardware As A Service - Managed IT Services - Sunstate Technology Group

Sunstate provides our clients with top-of-the-line IT equipment under our HaaS program, including:

  • All-In-One workstations, including monitor, mouse, keyboard and monitor cables
  • All-In-One desktops, including monitor, mouse, keyboard and monitor cables
  • All-In-One laptops, including docking station, monitor, mouse, keyboard and monitor cables
  • Server packages including drives and rack mounting hardware
  • NAS Bay packages including drives
  • Router/Firewall packages
  • Switches
  • Rack-mounted UPS
  • VoIP Phones
  • VoIP Controllers
  • WiFi Controllers, Access Points, Security and Access Control

If you’d like more information on whether HaaS is the right solution for your business, we’re here to help! Contact us today.

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