Hosted VoIP

VoIP phones, often called, Internet phones, have gotten a bad wrap over the years, however, the truth is, the benefits outweigh any potential drawbacks.

When STG decided to become a VoIP service provider, we didn’t do so lightly. However, once we understood how our clients could benefit from things like, simplified communication systems and the huge cost savings only available with Internet phones, we knew it was the right decision.

We will work with you to evaluate your current usage, cost, and explore the available options to provide the solutions that are right for your business. We believe VoIP phones are a great business solution, but only if they make sense for your business.

Included Features
  • Voicemail: Never miss a call with integrated voicemail.
  • Multiple Line Appearances: Receive multiple calls on the same line allowing for overflow handling.
  • Free Long Distance: Free long distance on all calls between phones. Plus get 500 minutes per seat for all other long distance calls outside of the company.
  • Music on Hold: No more dead air, just sweet elevator music while your customer is on hold.
  • Call Transfer: Transfer some or all of your calls to a phone inside of the office or any other numer you choose.
  • 3 Way Calling: Allows you to conference with two other people.
  • Hunting: Setup a hunt group within the company.
  • Call Forwarding: Have your calls forwarded to another number. Great for answering services.
  • Call Find Me/Follow Me: Allows your callers to find you at the office, mobile, home, or anywhere you designate.
  • Speed Dial: Easily program speed dial buttons for quick connections to commonly called numbers.
  • Dial by Extension: Extension dialing to your co-workers whether they are across the hall or across the country.
  • Call Park: Put a call on hold at one extension and pick it up at another extension.
  • Monitored Extensions: Ability to see if another person is in use within your business group.
  • Caller ID: Name and number for Inbound and Outbound.
  • Web Portal Access: Control your features and program buttons on your phone through an easy-to-use portal.
  • Simultaneous Ring: When a call comes in, you can have it ring multiple places at the same time.
  • Call Rejection: Block specific phone numbers.
  • Auto Attendant (Basic): Single-tree auto attendant.
  • Call Queue: Send callers to a queue so that they can be answered by the next available representative.
  • Unified Messaging: Automatically have your voicemail send to your email address.
  • Do Not Disturb: Send your calls immediately to voicemail or sent to another extension.
Additional Available Features
  • • ACD Lite: Basic all reports detailing what is happening with callers within the call queue.
  • • Auto Attendant (Premium): Allows for multiple trees and sub trees within your Auto Attendant.
  • • iFax (Inbound Only): Receive inbound faxes directly to your email as a .pdf file.
  • • Incoming Call Manager: Additional call handling function includes Time of Day routing of calls.
  • • Toll Free Numbers: Point your toll free numbers at any of your extensions or Auto Attendant.
  • • Virtual Numbers: Setup phone numbers in other market areas that will ring into your phone.
  • • Music on Hold (Custom): Allows you to upload your own custom .mp3 files and integrate your messages with the on-hold music
  • • DID's: Additional DID numbers for your company. Normally sold in blocks for future employees or marketing programs.

Contact us today to see how moving your phone service to the cloud can save you time and money!