Telecom Management

Choosing both voice and data service providers is no longer a simple task. The number of different carriers and services they offer can be daunting. Gone are the days of simply calling the "phone company" to order a couple lines and DSL or T1 internet service. Today you have a large pool of providers to choose from for both voice and data with many different services to choose from ranging in price, features, reliability, and availability, all with their own pros and cons. STG works closely with all the local carriers, from the mom and pops to the big brand name guys. Depending on your needs and locations, the big guys may not be your best bet.

Allow us to help you get control of your voice and data services, saving you money and frustration, along with adding the latest in features and functionality. STG has partnered with the leading telecom brokers representing more than 35 first tier carriers. Not only are we familiar with all the of the various services offered, but being a full service IT firm we also know which of those carriers and services fall flat and where. Contact us today and let us help alleviate your telecom headaches.