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What’s Your (Data) Backup Plan?

Data Backup

Why Data Backup and Recovery Are So Important

Whether big, small, or somewhere in between, virtually every company relies on data to run day-to-day operations. And whether it’s due to human error, hackers, technical failure, or natural disaster, at some point data will be lost. In fact, recent reports show that 140,000 hard drives fail in the U.S. each week, yet nearly half of all small and medium sized businesses have no plan in place to recover lost data. And according to Datto, even a relatively small loss of 100 files or less can cost a business up to $35,000. The bottom line: a solid data backup and recovery plan is essential in today’s business environment.  

What is Data Backup and Recovery?

In a nutshell, backup and recovery is the process of creating copies of data and storing them in a separate location or system in case of emergency. Whether the data backups are stored on an external drive, a thumb drive, or more substantial platforms like a disk storage system or the cloud, the most important aspects of data backup and recovery are that the copies are stored separately from the original files, and backup copies are made on a regular basis. 

Backup and Recovery Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

There are a wide range of solutions for smaller businesses, including:

  • Disk, tape and flash backups (on-site)
  • Cloud-based backups (off-site)
  • Hybrid: backups stored both on-site for quicker recovery and off-site in the cloud for added protection from data loss
  • Network attached storage (NAS): a storage device is attached to a server or router, allowing for data storage and access across the network
  • Desktop external drives and USB flash drives

Since not all options are designed to be complete disaster recovery solutions, it’s important to carefully research or consult with an IT expert on the right solution for your business.

If your business lacks a solid data backup and recovery plan, or you’re not sure which solution you need, we’re here to help! Click here to connect with our team of experts. 


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