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IT Security Essentials: Prevent Employees from Making Your Network Vulnerable

IT Security Essentials: Prevent Employees from Making Your Network Vulnerable

Sunstate provides you more cyber protection and greater peace of mind with Internet Filtering, Email Protection, Employee Cybersecurity Training, and Full Circle Data Backup— now included with our Managed IT Services at no added cost.  It’s everything you need to check all of the boxes for your cybersecurity insurance provider and much more.

Here’s what’s included:

Internet Filtering – Most managers don’t realize that on average, 45% of all internet browsing on the company’s network tends to be for personal use rather than work.  Not only does this result in a loss of productivity, but the sites that users often access (gaming, social media, porn) are more vulnerable and expose the organization’s network to greater threats.  The good news is that managers don’t need to waste time trying to audit team internet usage.  Our internet filtering solution automatically blocks adult content, illegal sites, and sites created by hackers.  We will work with you to further define additional sites you wish to allow or block.

Email Protection – Sadly, Microsoft 365 and other business software solutions have a limited number of security features built into their products.  Today, the most common way that hackers gain access to a network is through an email scam i.e. some type of phishing attack. We have seen these attacks become increasingly successful as hackers are using more personal details.  This makes the email scams very believable.  Email Protection provides an added level of protection with the ability to better control email filtering, block scam emails from getting in, and manage whitelist and blacklist emails.

Employee Cybersecurity Training with HIPAA complianceKnowledge is power. We’ll help you boost cybersecurity for your organization by patching a critical line of defense: your team members. Our engaging and efficient Cybersecurity Training program includes dark web monitoring and phishing email simulations as well as interesting weekly micro-training quizzes on important cybersecurity topics and an annual training course to keep employees sharp and refresh your team on company technology policies. Employee Secure Scores allow us to identify and fix weak links. 

Full Circle Data Backup including Microsoft 365Losing data can be devastating for an organization of any size. That’s why we have built a very comprehensive, powerfully redundant data backup protocol to ensure business continuity and peace of mind. In fact, we go beyond what is required for cybersecurity insurance. Not only do we back up servers onsite and offsite to a secure cloud, we also include backup of all Microsoft Programs where so much critical data is stored in Outlook, Teams, Sharepoint and OneDrive. This means you don’t lose potentially critical data if an employee leaves or accidentally deletes something. Also, keep in mind that Microsoft data retention is only 30 days and then gone forever. Our backup is stored indefinitely to the secure cloud so it can be restored remotely—and quickly.


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